1. What we do ?

We supply a extensive report about your next trip to Brazil

2. What will be our deliverables ?

Please see our sample report in the main menu

3. Do we help you with travel related purchases ?

Not at all, but we will give your so  much information that will be quite easy to get the best deals and finalize the purchases.

4. What am I buying exactly ?

A detailed travel report for our next trip to Brazil

5. Is there any support during my trip ?

We will give you lot of information, so you can minimally prepared to your trip

6. Is it a travel agency ?

No, we are not a travel agency, but if you need advises we can indicate some good one in Brazil

7. How much does it cost ?

$25 customized report with standard delivery or $40 for express delivery

8. Wow that is really cheap, where is the trick ?

We are pleased to help, and based on our own experience it is quite fun for us to help others to visit this beautiful country

9. Why should I try your services ?

We are good, and our reports will amaze you, believe us !

10. How much time does it take to receive my report ?

24 or 72 hours, depending the purchased option.

11. But, wait,  the flight tickets change the prices a lot, how do you get these prices ?

We will give you punctual prices, so it may varies during next days.

12. Can you help me to plan my trip to other countries too ?

Write us and depending on the country we may be able to help you as well.

13. If I order again, do I get a special discount ?  Do you have any packages prices ?

Yes, old customers will get special voucher for coming orders.

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